ActProactive for Employers


  • ActProactive is easy to use, so your workforce will engage more and provide more valuable tracking information
  • Managers can get an overview of their employees’ symptom and exposure status straight from the app in seconds
  • Installation is quick and easy, and requires no additional maintenance or upkeep


  • ActProactive provides a variety of reports on daily app engagement, symptoms, at-risk locations, and much more to arm you with vital information
  • Reports come auto-generated with minimal input from you, and take the form of user-friendly charts and graphs
  • ActProactive enables you to easily share reports and data to help leadership make informed decisions quickly


  • Save precious time by implementing ActProactive’s automatic alerts, which notify employees as soon as risk is detected
  • Access data in seconds from anywhere to check on individual employees or the organization as a whole
  • Check-ins are done via the app in less than a minute, no paperwork involved, saving your employees time and headache
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