ActProactive for Employees


  • Employees can quickly and easily check into the app and record their temperature, symptoms and exposure
  • No forms to fill out, paper to keep track of, or tedious interactions with slow software, so productivity and participation in tracking efforts will remain high
  • Optional alerts if exposure is determined to minimize risk


  • ActProactive gives organizations an overall health score, so employees know their exposure risk
  • Employees will have more confidence in their company’s handling of safety when they are kept in the loop and can access data quickly and freely
  • No personal data is harvested — ActProactive only has access to data that is voluntarily provided


  • Alerts can be sent via SMS and email so employees can be notified quickly, at any time, regardless of where they are
  • The ActProactive app is lightweight and does not use excess computing resources
  • Employees can review their past check-ins quickly and easily to track their own potential exposure straight from the app
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