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ActProactive’s workplace COVID-19 symptom and exposure tracking app organizes employee-provided data to deliver actionable insight and to limit the spread of the virus in your workplace

What is it?

ActProactive’s COVID-19 workplace symptom and exposure tracking app is a simple, lightweight app that your employees can install on their smartphones, tablets or use via the web on their laptops. The information your employees report feeds into the management dashboard, which provides you with insight about what COVID-related risks may be affecting your business. Then the app analyzes the received data to determine what, if any, COVID-19 risks are endangering your business.

Does it collect my data without permission?

No, ActProactive’s COVID-19 symptom and exposure tracking app does not passively collect any data. It does not track your location or share information with any of our other clients. Any information the app collects about your employees is information which users actively provide.

How Does It Work?

Once the COVID-19 workplace symptom and exposure tracking app is installed on your workforce’s devices, your employees can start inputting the locations they are working from, any symptoms they may be experiencing, and whether they have been in contact with anyone who has the virus or has been exposed to it.
Should an employee contract the virus, come in contact with someone who has, or visit a location that was knowingly exposed, they will inform the app. Using employee volunteered information, the app or the organization will determine if the exposed party has been in contact with other employees or sensitive locations.
Should it be determined that the exposed party may have exposed other employees or customers, the app can alert those at risk as well as the appropriate management team so that proper precautions can be taken. What these precautions involve is up to the company, as the app will not alert any person or organization not actively using the app. Your company admin will control whether automated notifications are sent to employees.

Why Is It Better?

ActProactive’s workplace COVID-19 symptom and exposure tracking app is a better way for employees to help keep their workplace safe with:
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