COVID Manager Portal

ActProactive’s COVID-19 Workplace Symptom and Exposure Manager Portal gives company leadership an easy-to-use, centralized hub to track risk

What is it?

The COVID-19 workplace symptom and exposure Manager Portal is the central dashboard for our COVID tracking app. From this part of the app, company leadership can review the exposure data that has been uploaded and receive detailed, automatically generated reports. Managers can also adjust settings from the portal, such as how and when notifications are sent. This allows management and HR to not only track their team’s COVID-19 exposure, but also their sick days in an easy to view portal.

Does it track the locations of employees?

Not in the same way that a GPS app tracks you. When an employee submits their information for a check-in, their location is automatically uploaded along with the rest of the data in real time to the system. It does this to better track areas of high risk. A manager cannot look at the portal and see the location of an employee at any given time; manual input is required on the employee’s part.

How Does It Work?

When a manager logs in to the COVID-19 Manager Portal, they will be able to see their organization health score at a glance and review check-in data from all employees who have signed up and installed the tracking app. The manager portal also generates reports created with the data on hand to give managers better visibility of their organization’s status and inform decision-making.
Managers can also change the app settings from the portal. They can choose how exposure notifications are sent (email, SMS, etc.), send announcements, and more. In just a few clicks, the portal arms leadership with organized information, one of the most important weapons we have against the COVID-19 virus.

Why Is It Better?

ActProactive’s COVID-19 Manager Portal is a better way for employers to help keep their workplace safe with:
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