Which Industries Benefit Most from ActProactive?


Even a short stretch of downtime can cost a manufacturer significant profits, so a minimum two-week quarantine period is potentially devastating. ActProactive gives the data manufacturers need to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout their factory floors.

Food Service

In the food service industry, hygiene could make or break a company’s reputation well before the COVID-19 pandemic, so an outbreak now can spell the end of a business. But by employing ActProactive in the workplace, food service companies can prevent the spread of the virus in their facilities and demonstrate their commitment to keeping their customers healthy.


With so many people — often from different contractors — working on construction sites, the risk of transmission from person to person and organization to organization is extremely high. ActProactive gives contractors and construction managers an easy way to track virus exposure in their highly interactive and dynamic industry.

Professional Services

In the highly competitive professional services industry, potential customers are doing a lot of shopping around, and poor COVID-19 precautions are an easy way for a business to lose out. ActProactive shows customers that their health is a top priority, and helps keep your employees who must visit clients off-site safe from outbreaks.


It’s no secret that businesses in the hospitality industry are a hotbed of virus transmission due to the high volume of people visiting from distant locations. ActProactive gives these businesses an easy and affordable way to not only protect their employees (who are at high risk), but also show potential customers that their location is safe to visit even in these uncertain times.

Senior Living

Communicable diseases have always been a persistent threat to senior living facilities, but the pandemic has made these places more dangerous than ever for both caregivers and their charges. With ActProactive, senior living facilities can track the exposure of both these groups for the safety of all, and the app’s ease of use will ensure engagement stays high. Furthermore, ActProactive can be co-opted to track exposure to other contagious threats seniors face.
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