Arm yourself with information and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your business

ActProactive uses voluntarily shared data to track your workforce’s exposure to the virus and can automatically notify them of any risks

If you don’t respond to new threats with new defenses, you risk losing everything

ActProactive leverages powerful technology in an easy-to-use app to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading
One of the things that makes COVID-19 such a damaging virus is its ability to spread quickly from even light contact. Tracking exposure is an inexpensive and effective way of stopping the spread, but the information needed is difficult to acquire and analyze. This is the challenge the ActProactive team solves for businesses like yours, regardless of size or sector. Our app does not require all of your employees to download it, it only uses data that is freely shared, and automatically analyzes the data received. Your employees report their activity, and if the data suggests anyone has been exposed to COVID-19, that person and company leadership have the option to be automatically notified so preventative measures can be taken immediately.

At ActProactive, we know you want to protect your people, but we also know everyone’s resources are limited in times of crisis.
That’s why we create Simple Solutions for Your Safety.

Tracing exposure to COVID-19 and notifying those at risk must be done quickly to minimize the virus’ impact, but this requires a lot of information. ActProactive makes it easy to collect and organize the data from everyone who comes in contact with your organization, including:

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